Don’t Miss the Lounge at the Seeger Toyota Service Center


Here at Seeger Toyota, we pride ourselves on being as dedicated to our customers as we are to the Toyota models brought to our Toyota service center. That’s why, while St. Louis area residents’ vehicles are in the care of our certified Toyota service technicians, we make sure to provide VIP treatment to their owners as well.

Seeger Toyota's Service Lounge

When St. Louis area drivers visit our auto service center, they can relax in one of the comfortable chairs around the lounge and watch TV, or help themselves to some of the variety of delicious healthy snacks and beverages available in the kitchen. We often have fresh fruit and yogurt, and coffee and juice to quench your thirst. Need help finding something? Our hostess, Kim, will be all too happy to help.

Kim is happy to help at Seeger Toyota!

If you visit on a Friday, make sure to ask Kim what the cookie of the day is. Every Friday afternoon, freshly baked cookies are available in the lounge. We change up the type, so make sure not to miss your next scheduled service appointment and try to catch all the flavors!

Seeger Toyota offers customers several snacks & drinks

Schedule your next auto service appointment here, or call (314) 434-5000 with any questions about our lounge or any of the auto services we provide.

Get Fresh Baked Cookies at Seeger Toyota's Service Lounge


Seeger’s Clearance Event – until August 30th 2014!

We feel like we need to shout it from the rooftops! August is our Clearance Event…and there are only 11 days to shop these deals! Save on Corolla, Prius, Rav4, and more, special offers include Free Financing and Rebates on some models.
Annual Clearance Event 2014

visit  for more New Car specials, as well as PreOwned, Service and Parts or call us at 314-434-5000 to discuss the details!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month At Seeger Toyota.

Well, we just ended October again here at Seeger Toyota and that means another very successful Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  We have done this for 5 years now, and take each October to honor Breast Cancer victims, survivors and the men and women who are tirelessly working to help those affected, as well as finding a cure.  In the past we have had bake sales, and fundraisers, and one year had our very own Christine Seeger agreeing to color her hair pink if we reached our goal.
Do you honestly think that anyone at Seeger was going to allow that NOT to happen?
“I found that having pink hair was more than just a little distracting,” says Christine.
“People had a hard time looking me in the eye.”   Well Christine is always a great sport, and participated in this years festivities as well.
Well this year we had bake sales, a chili cookoff, featuring Christine’s very own vegetarian chili, which by the way, placed in the competition with several tasters not even aware that it was vegetarian, and an employee casual day with a catered barbeque lunch by Micki and Carol of Seeger, and served by our employees.  We also had a sponsored walk through Forest Park.
A great time was had by all, and we were able to raise over $1,700 for Breast Cancer research and care!  To date, we have been able to raise over $10,000! 

Seeger is so proud to be a part of this effort, and will continue to do this each year.  Contact us if you would like to donate or find out how to get involved!
Christine Seeger <>

Seeger Toyota-

The Scion FR-S- now at Seeger!

“It responds to good driving skills….if you don’t have them, you should leave the stability control on.”  These are the words of Akio Toyota when talking, rather beaming about the Scion FR-S.  If you didn’t know already, the FR-S is Toyota’s bold attempt at bringing back some excitement and passion to the lineup.  And if you remember when, back when Toyotas once ruled the back roads with the Celica, Supra, and the MR-2, we would have to say that they have more than succeeded.

The FR-S is the North American version of the GT-86, which will be offered in Europe and Asia.  Born out of a collaboration with Fuji Industries, or more specifically Subaru, the FR-S is a joint effort to produce a rear wheel drive, front engine mounted (thus the FR) sports car.  The Subaru version-the BRZ- is almost identical other than some suspension tuning.  The details about who did what, between the two companies are a bit vague, and really not that important. Suffice to say that both companies were heavily involved in the design, and production, with the Subaru’s boxer engine getting the nod for the powerplant.

So what?  Is it awesome?  The short answer is YES!  While the engine provides plenty of horsepower, and torque for some low end grunt-200, and 151 respectively, the FR-S would not likely be the car you would challenge someone at a stoplight with.  Especially, a pony car with a surplus of just sheer cubic inches.  Once the road opens up, and starts to twist and turn, the Scion really shines.  With a very low center of gravity, coupled with almost perfect balance of weight, front to rear (53/47), the FR-S dives into and out of corners like a go-cart.  All without the teenager in the tank top,  MMA hat and megaphone telling you to “slow down and no bumping!”  Ahhh go cart track attendants.  But we digress…

The FR-S is available in a 6 speed automatic, or manual transmission, depending on your desired level of control, and that previously mentioned stability control that we spoke of that can be left on, or disabled depending on your level of skill/courage.

Coupled with plenty of interior options including Blutooth, USB and iPod connectivity, and checking in at under $25,000, nicely equipped, the FR-S is bound to appeal to younger buyers, and it has enough safety features (Stability control, lots of airbags), and respectable enough fuel economy (25/28) that it is likely to get the endorsement (maybe even a down payment) of plenty of parents as well.
Just remember to check the odometer when your dad gets back from taking if for a “quick run to the store”;-)

Why worry about wheel alignment?

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

It can happen any number of ways….
Maybe you swerve to avoid that thing in the road… “Is that a pillow, or a stuffed animal?” and BANG! You run over some type of metal thing instead.
Maybe you go to change the radio station so you don’t have to hear “Call Me Maybe” for the 900th time, and just as you look up, your car has drifted to the shoulder and the right tire is already in that pothole, the size of a sea turtle.
You swerve back and drive off, thankful that everything is cool, only to find that now every time you take a hand off the wheel to take a drink of your coffee, or turn away from that song again, the car wants to be “over there.”
Your wheels are likely out of alignment. And while this is annoying, there is actually a lot more to it than that. A car with wheels out of alignment can have several adverse affects:z

Check out this animation to see different types of alignment issues

– Fuel economy: as much as you try to keep your tires inflated properly, and follow the speed limit, and keep weight out of the trunk and all of that, if your wheels are out of alignment, they are possibly-depending upon the issue- working against each other.
– Tire wear: Again, depending on the type of misalignment, your tires will wear unevenly on either of the edges, and eventually wear down to slicks, leading to our next issue….
– Safety: If you need to stop quickly or make an evasive maneuver, having a part of your tires being bald is not going to help your cause.
– Excessive pressure on other vehicle components: Cars that have poor alignment can have premature, and uneven wear on brakes, wheel bearings, axles and other steering components, all leading to…
– Cost: Of course a good set of tires can go for anything from $80 per tire on up, and this can be the least of your expenses if worn tires cause you to hit something.

So what can you do? Well, you can probably get an idea as to whether there is a problem, by getting on a straight, even, safe, sparsely populated road and taking your hands off of the wheel just a half an inch or so, and just for a second. Obviously if you already know that the car will jerk wildly left or right do NOT do this. If the car starts to drift one way or the other, there is a good chance that your vehicle is out of alignment-at least. You could look for uneven tire wear, but the hope here, is that you will diagnose and address the issue before this point.

Take your car into an authorized service center, and have them take a look at the alignment. The truth is that many cars that don’t even show obvious signs can be slightly out of alignment. And it is not going to get any better. A good service center will have a machine specially designed to detect and correct alignment. It might cost $50 to $100 dollars to have 2 to 4 wheels aligned, assuming there are no other underlying issues.
It’s worth it. You will not only assure the life and performance of your tires and other components, but you will be safe and much more comfortable. And you will be able to reach over and change the station away from that song with confidence. What could be better than that?

Seeger Toyota, Ronald, and Hope…

Seeger Toyota at the Cassidy Turley/RMH Golf Tourney…

Who said golf was unproductive?
Clearly they weren’t at the 27th Annual Cassidy Turley/Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament in June. Seeger Toyota was one of many sponsors of this fantastic event to raise money for ailing children and their families. The Ronald McDonald House provides a home away from home for 58 families in their 3 houses in the St. Louis Metro area, as well as family rooms in area hospitals.

Check out this video and meet some of the great people and families of the Ronald McDonald House:

Seeger had 50 volunteers on site for the tournament, including Christine Seeger, and also sponsored one of the golf teams. The golf tournament was one day and there was a lunch, a dinner and a silent action with all kinds of amazing prizes. Seeger also gave away a 2012 Highlander for the Hole In One competition. The Tournament raised over $653,000 dollars-with donations still coming in! Seeger had a ball at the tournament, and is so proud to have been involved with the Ronald McDonald House for over 10 years. We can’t wait until the next time we can get out to the house to prepare and serve up some hot food, and have a chance to meet some of the courageous parents and children, and hear their stories!